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Atrocities in Israeli Prisons Verified by former US State Department Official, Josh Paul.

Former US State Department official, Josh Paul stated that Israel has declared an NGO charity, a ‘terrorist entity’ after it raised allegations about the rape of a 13-year-old boy in an Israeli prison.
Paul made the comments while speaking with Christiane Amanpour on CNN on Monday.

According to Paul, the charity’s allegations were believed to be credible by the US State Department, who then passed them on to the Israeli government.
Israel then responded by raiding the charity’s offices, removing their computers and then branding them a terrorist organisation.

The treatment of Palestinians inside Israeli prisons has been abhorrent. Reports have shown that prisoners who have died due to awful conditions or sickness or even from being attacked by the Israeli army, have had their remains detained inside the prison in order for their lifeless bodies to continue the sentence they were given whilst still alive with absolutely no justification other than it being a punishment to the family members of the victims. Many of these prisoners are children.

A Palestinian man was released from the prison after 60 days inside and talks of dire conditions within the prison as well as constant torture, basic need deprivation, sexual abuse and psychological torture.

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