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To speak truth, we seek truth.


To truly ascend, what does it require?

What encourages ‘unknown memories’ to become known memories, because it is truly a case of total recall.

We contain a vast encyclopedia of time and space and wisdom within us all and by expanding our consciousness, the chasm of perception unfolds, the truth escapes and illusion dissolves and so we arrive within. Within actuality.

Everything is personal and relative and no two perceptions are the same. An experience may be shared but will be perceived in a distinctively unique language, as unique as a finger print.

To be divergent within this reality, to deflect social usualness is an audacious leap of faith into these unknown memories, but at the same time it is a distinct selection of ones own truth, over the socially acceptable narrative. Like breaking character in an agreed pretense, as a child would in a game of make believe.

We have an innate calling to discover and understand our ‘worlds’ (plural).

Most will only believe any travelling or discovery can only be a physical experience, rather than reaching the depths we hold within us thus enriching the experiences we have outside ourselves with others.

Our reality is set to ‘hell’ mode right now, but we can fight and claim our way back into the light;

“one inch at a time”

None but ourselves can free our mind and its our own responsibility to do this. It’s time we got our affairs in order, internal and external affairs in this game of inches.

Living is defined by the means we go to in order to fight or die for the inches we need to heal as a collective, an Earthly team with our childrens future in mind. Too long have we been divided by false ideas and wicked narratives.

Our common goal when it comes down to it, in actuality, is the preservation and protection of what is innocent and true, when we consciously decide this as a human collective on Earth, only then are we ALL ascended.

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