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To speak truth, we seek truth.

Are you following your heart, or the crowd?

Is it easier to pretend to be something that you’re not for the sake of fitting in?

Today, the farce that has become our lives is hard to fathom for people who can see through the veil of deceit. Watching people wear a mask in one place and not another and accepting and believing that makes any sense at all is utter madness!

What was meant to be a mass operation to enslave the world even further has thankfully allowed so many people to question their reality and ask themselves ‘is this really it?!’.

It’s very sad for those who are already awake that it’s taking a fake worldwide pandemic to make people realise. But what about those who still call the truth nonsensical and abuse others for not conforming and wearing a mask and keep a safe ‘social distance’, what can be done to help them catch up? The most courageous and loving thing you can do for someone is assist them on their journey. Don’t give up on people who you may have already labelled as hopeless, time is running out. Don’t be sorry when it’s too late.

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