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Antichrist – Final Hour (The Trilogy PT.III) (Extended Version)

An ancient story, carried through time, repeated throughout life times, is one of incredible and just vengeance.

Vengeance against that same darkness that remains an ever present poison, claiming souls through deception and destruction most horrid.

Too often are we deceived by information, exchanging regurgitated thoughts rather than reaching our own revelations.

Propagated ‘truth’ keeps us living in our fear and has made sure that humanity is barely ready for what’s ahead for each and every one of us, regardless of ‘who’ or ‘what’ you are.

How much or how little you have is irrelevant, it’s your spiritual bank account that matters in the final days.

Who influences you?

Where’s your true North within your moral compass?

Do you hold limiting beliefs that hold you in bondage?

Is your mind truly free and your own?

The greatest trick the devil ever performed was convincing the world that he did not exist.

If that’s the belief you hold, what else do you believe in because of his wicked plots against the ‘just’?

The dark system is a giant house of cards ready for us to unite and bring it crashing down. However, if we yield to the wicked ones will, the world will become a desert of darkness, prepped and vile enough for his arrival…to welcome in the Apocalypse and to turn Gods green Earth into a mass graveyard of sinners.

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