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Alpha Men Assemble

Published: 23.1.2022 22:52

Alpha Men Assemble.

A faction has risen in the U.K in the name of sovereign citizen defence and they call themselves ‘Alpha Men Assemble’.

They function predominantly through an encrypted group on Telegram, within which they have a following of over 8,000 people which is rapidly growing, however it is unclear how many actual members affiliate themselves with the movement.

Scrolling through their feed, it’s very clear that these are good family men from a working class background trying to help their fellow citizens.

They post links of uplifting ‘No Fear’ type videos, quotes about strength as well as all current mission statements, meeting details and they also share about people who have suffered because of COVID and the authorities and their measures regarding COVID.

They highlight injustice with evidence in the form of real people and actual cases that they stand behind and offer assistance too.

They were spoken about distastefully in the mainstream press recently after the Daily Mail infiltrated one of their meetings, so that stirred an interest and prompted an investigation from us.

Is this group the real deal or do we have more funded ‘activists’ giving the good side a bad name?

Their mission statement truly packs a punch and they are unafraid of profanity or speaking their minds and to be honest they sound like men concerned for their families who no longer want to rest on their laurels and expect others to clean up this draconian mess we find ourselves in.

They explain their reasons and objectives behind their cause;

“We are ordinary men and women who want to protect our children, families and future from Draconian rules and dictatorship governments or unlawful acts, statutes and mandates…we are freethinking men and women living as sovereign beings under Common Law…our objective is to unite England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, all colour, creed, religion and sexes…we do not tolerate the abuse of children and women…we are lawful and peaceful but we will defend our families if we need to…we say no to communism…our mission is to bring all these corrupt MP’s and bureaucrats  and the corrupt police to justice and hold them accountable for their crimes against the people…we will not let the U.K become a police state run by tyrants.”

Danny Glass {Left), Training Sessions for Self Defense, Combat Style Drills & Team Building Exercises

They hope to build an army capable of so much, they have a very courageous list of objectives that are commendable;

– Rescue and defend any families that are struggling with authorities wanting to forcefully vaccinate them or their family

– Eliminate paedophile rings and to help keep children safe

– To be as far reaching as going behind enemy lines and actually retrieving people from detention centers or camps should the corrupt government do such things

– Defending families being threatened by authorities

– Supporting businesses that say no to vaccine mandates, getting bodies through the doors and promoting these businesses.

– Serving notices of liability to pharmaceutical companies, have their assets stripped, deal with CEO’s accordingly for Crimes Against Humanity

– Organising networking of like minded people

– Serving notices to the propaganda machines that are the mainstream media

– Supporting local communities against authorities

Each mission statement that they release spells out their expectations for members of their faction;

“…anyone joining the group or channel with Swastikas as profile images or anything to do with racism, bigotry or hate, will be banned…any of the following not followed will result in a ban; no violence, no weapons, no racism, no unlawful behavior, no incitation of any of the former mentioned”

I wondered where these men with a purpose had come from, some media outlets were suggesting they were created from a broken activist group ‘Veterans 4 Freedom’. This particular group had disbanded last year when MoS revealed it was supposedly planning to attack a vaccine center along with their staff. But in many of their statements they stress that they are not affiliated with any other ‘veteran’ groups, conspiracy theories, Q, American insurrectionists, the BNP or ANTIFA.

“…we are not affiliated with any political party, mainstream media or any corrupt service corporations”

Clearly false claims suggest that they have potentially been funded by the US, but the simplicity of their meetings and lack of military style equipment suggest they are a raw organization, benefiting only from the goodwill of volunteers or the use of their own money and abilities.

For example one of the main men Danny Glass is recognised as an ex Royal Fusilier and he assists in many of the self defence training sessions, combat style drills and team building exercises that happen during the group meet ups. He has said;

“we are targeting the police… we are going to be arresting police officers for failing to uphold their Common Law oath”

Glass also stressed that his group are not linked to extremism and will always remain lawful.

On arrival at their meetings they specify that no Smart Phones are to be carried and that only ‘burner phones’ are to be used for the sake of safety as well as hand written phone numbers to exchange with other members from which they will help build their community.

It is not surprising that factions such as these are rising up during this time, and good on them. There’s really nothing a protest can do to change society, however it’s a great way to realise you’re not alone and a great way to learn more and to meet like-minded people.

The ‘Alpha Men Assemble’ do have the right idea, the passion needed as well as the courage. They have assisted in a man being reunited with his young daughter after authorities got involved in their situation under the guise of COVID.

They are bringing together communities and building a resistance against the tyranny the UK faces. They are vigilantes that are needed;

“We stand for truth, justice, fairness and equality among all men and women. We do not want civil war or mass civil unrest, all our activities will be carried out in a lawful and peaceful manner”.

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