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A two-day appeal court hearing for the extradition of Julian Assange to the US, concluded today in London. U.K.

Published: 14.3.2022 22:40

After prosecution and defence each took a day, to put their case. The US offered assurances of good treatment, whilst the defence highlighted past cases were these meaningless promises had been broken.

The publisher Julian Assange is currently being held under suicide watch at a high security prison, and appeared briefly at the hearing via video call. A great deal of attention is being given to his physical and mental well-being and how an extradition could pose an immediate danger to his life. The prosecution repeatedly failed in their prosperous arguments and fanciful suggestions.

The Judge has adjourned the case and will make a ruling at a later date.

The connected video report from sky News Australia gives a truthful and powerful assessment of the Assange case and offers a good background overview for the Wikileaks founder.

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