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‘A Song For Europa’

Turn on, tune in and buckle up as we tear through history.

Perhaps we can ponder what determines human dynamics and how they are affected by fears and how that ripples out through time and space.

What terrifies and baffles one man can force another to experience revelation and draw strength from within. How can that one fear go on to make or break a collective?

When we have fabricated prison bars made of fear, it’s because we have learnt this behavior systemically and it filters through family lineage.

Once we see through our beliefs that have bound our minds and see the truth of reality, it makes sense why generation after generation have knelt down to self appointed leadership and why so many countries and civilisations perish or are stripped of sovereignty and power.

We allow this at an individual level, so why wouldn’t we allow it within a hive mind.

Where does civil obedience end and civil disobedience begin?

Lets wander back 1000 years through time and witness the birthing pangs of the resistant and underestimated Poland that we know today.

Do we ever consider what came before, the stories that meant our future has played out in such a way as it has.

So many bold winds of change and happenings under the same moon on the very same land for centuries.What we are left with is a collective finger print in which we too will leave our mark.

There’s always a rich history of banners and flags being exchanged for lives and ancestral wounds, Will the fear end with you?

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