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Wounded soldiers given new purpose.

America has made a decision to give purpose back to it’s wounded soldiers.
For five years now U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has secretly been training up a team of injured or sick veterans for a very different task than they have been used to.

These soldiers will work alongside a lesser known investigative agency and will help with child exploitation cases.
Veterans are being trained in computer forensics through an 11 week course provided by H.E.R.O Child Rescue CORPS, after which they must attend a year long internship in I.C.E field offices.

The first year is unpaid for the soldiers whilst they work alongside other agents, during which they’re expected to help find and build cases.

As it stands there are currently not enough analysts readily available for the high demand required at the moment.

These veterans are joining a fight that law enforcement agencies are having a seriously hard time winning.

The more people taking this seriously and actively working against this evil, the better.
These men joined the army with a wish to serve their country and are being given a new opportunity,

The job at hand is obviously a very difficult one but one that is paramount in this day and age.

People are finally beginning to see that a lot of what is shared online that once seemed absurd is actual truth and the fight against this kind of evil is very real.

Good to see something is actively happening to fight this, it is a war, a war on children that must be stopped and those disgusting child predators can get what they deserve.

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