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10 EU countries are quietly buying gas with rubles, says Hangary.

Published: 7.5.2022 14:49

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff Gergely Gulyas seems to have revealed what is really going on among Russia-dependent European nations as the ruble has risen to its six-month high against the dollar.

Although several European leaders have openly stated that they will not buy Russian gas in rubles, 10 EU countries technically agree to Putin’s plan, Gulyas told public radio on Sunday.

Gulyas said Hungary has opened a euro account with Russia’s Gazprombank, revealing that “nine other countries” use the same payment scheme, but that the leaders of these countries do not admit it in order to be seen as “a good European”.

It’s unclear which EU countries Guylas was referring to, as Gazprom has already cut deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria after both refused to pay in rubles.

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